Remove CouponGiant Ads

CouponGiant Ads

What is CouponGiant Ads?

CouponGiant Ads is just another annoying adware that is created to make money for the creators of advertisements. You should know that this adware and a potentially unwanted program (PUP) is compatible with the three major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer) so that it could infect as many personal computers as possible. So, why do some people decide keeping this malicious application instead of deleting it? Well, as the majority of adware, CouponGiant tries sweet-talking the user by saying that it will show him/her all discounts available thus being a great help for saving money. This is, actually, not true. All the ads that will be displayed will be chosen at random. What is more, some may not even be real and lead to corrupted pages. With this in mind, remove CouponGiant Ads from your computer and never trust any advertisement you see. Continue reading Remove CouponGiant Ads

Remove Piesearch Virus


What should you know about Piesearch Virus?

Piesearch Virus is listed as an annoying browser hijacker that performs many unwanted activities to your Internet browsers. The infection will change your startpage to all of your favorite web browsers (for instance, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox). More than that, Piesearch Virus hijacks the target line of your browser’s shortcut. All of these modifications will be performed without your explicit consent. In addition, this definitely puts the computer’s security at risk. Hence, our research team’s advice is to remove Piesearch Virus as soon as possible. Continue reading Remove Piesearch Virus

How to remove

Piesearch Free Removal Instructions from Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Nowadays there are plenty of unwanted programs being published nowadays and it is not even surprising that you have encountered, which is better known as a browser hijacker. It cannot be exactly said how this application might get onto your computer because there are several different ways. It has been observed that this application is known to come attached to other unrelated programs. If you believe that you are safe, we have to tell you that you should not be so sure about this. It is because is known to be compatible with different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox and it does not even matter which version of the operating system is running onto your computer. If you are reading this article because has already entered your system, do not worry too much because we will definitely help you to remove it entirely from your system. Continue reading How to remove Removal


Why you need to remove is a website that will function as your default home page when you get infected with a browser hijacker. It may not seem like a malicious infection at first, because the home page looks like a decent search engine and it has all the main search engine layout features and functions. However, users are advised to remove from their browser, because this search engine might get exploited by a malicious third party for corrupted content distribution, and in the long run you could get infected with malware. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get rid of right now. Continue reading Removal

Remove Sidecubes


What is Sidecubes Search? might be promoted as the next best search provider out there, but we would like to part the veil and let you know that there is nothing reliable about this program. In fact, it would not be too far-fetched to say that sidecubes is a browser hijacker that monitors your browsing activity and then exposes you to customized third-party content. This could easily lead to a severe malware infection, and then you will have to spend a lot of money on professional security programs to get rid of all the dangerous threats. Do not allow the situation to deteriorate and get rid of sidecubes right now. Continue reading Remove Sidecubes

Remove CryptoDefense Virus

CryptoDefense Virus

How to remove CryptoDefense virus and restore your files

Ransomware that encrypts files within the operating system has been quite popular for the past year. And it is no surprise that NAS computers were hit recently with a version of encrypting ransomware designed just for them called CryptoDefense Virus. NAS computers are file-level computer data storage devices. They are usually connected to a computer network providing data for clients on the network. NAS computers are quite popular as they are very convenient for sharing various files among multiple systems. These computers can be simply configured compared to traditional file servers; also, NAS systems provide faster data access and easier administration. Continue reading Remove CryptoDefense Virus

Remove YourLocalLotto Toolbar

YourLocalLotto Toolbar

What is YourLocalLotto Toolbar?

YourLocalLotto Toolbar is just another annoying toolbar from Mindspak toolbar family. It is likely that you have opened your browser like always and found this toolbar just hanging at the top of the window. Also, YourLocalLotto may perform another unwanted action: you favorite search engine and homepage may be replaced by All of this usually happens without the user’s consent. The toolbar’s official page claims that it is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but there are cases when Google Chrome also gets infected with such toolbars. So, how is this toolbar different from others? Well, as you can see from the title, it is created to lure people who love participating in lottery. In its website, YourLocalLotto claims to give quick access to lottery results state-by-state. Also, the page suggests to inform all your friends on Facebook about your lottery wins. It seems quite useless – you can find out lottery results in many other ways, so it is better to remove YourLocalLotto Toolbar and not use it at all. Continue reading Remove YourLocalLotto Toolbar


FriendlyError Virus Removal Instructions is not a search provider you can trust. When analyzing the suspicious search engine, our malware researchers have discovered that it displays sponsored search results and employs tracking cookies to learn more about your operating system, your browsers, and your virtual activity. Even though looks like a legitimate search engine, it has been created mainly to advertise ProtectediO, a security tool that is meant to protect your operating system against malicious infections that would require removal. This is quite ironic, considering that the search tool we are discussing is identified as a browser hijacker that can corrupt your Internet Explorer browser without permission. And that is why you need to delete! Continue reading Remove



What is known about infection? (can be also titled as virus or redirect) is listed as an annoying browser hijacker. The questionable website will be set as your start-up page as soon as the infection finds a way to your computer’s system. The search provider will be altered by as well and might redirect you to very suspicious Internet pages. Therefore, you should not trust the search engine’s results unless you want to find even more irritating programs inside the electronic device. Continue reading Remove

Remove Trojan.Spy.Banker

What is Trojan.Spy.Banker?

Trojan.Spy.Banker is an extremely dangerous Trojan horse that infects your computer without your knowledge. It has been active since 2009 and it is most noted in Ukraine, but that does not mean that users from other countries can’t get infected with it. It is able to affect the computers that use Windows operating system. Although Microsoft is trying to keep its security tools up-to-date, the malicious Trojan is also being constantly updated, so you can never be completely safe. Obviously, Trojan horses like this are created by serious cyber criminals that are willing to do harm both to the user and his/her computer. The name Trojan.Spy.Banker is used to describe a group of Trojans  of Win32/Bancos family. They are designed to steal users’ banking data. This can even have a detrimental effect on your personal life. That is why you have to remove Trojan.Spy.Banker from your PC without further hesitation. Continue reading Remove Trojan.Spy.Banker