Remove Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus

What is Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus?

Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus is a ransomware virus that enters users’ computers in a clandestine manner and attempts to steal their money. This rogue blocks the entire system and demands that you pay a fine for unblocking it. The virus presents a fake message in which it claims that your PC was blocked because of the illegal content found inside. Furthermore, it threatens further legal actions, if you fail to pay the required amount for your “crimes”. Unfortunately, when users see the emblems presented in the message (German Federal Police and Europol), they usually panic and transfer the money. We urge you not to become the next victim of these criminals and to delete Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus as soon as possible.


What does Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus do?

This malware  infiltrates user’s computer with a help of Urausy Trojan. You can encounter this infection as a pop-up ad in a pornography page or as a fake updater. Be more careful in the future and make sure to terminate Urausy Trojan after Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus removal is complete.

As we said, this rogue pretends to represent BundesNachrichtenDienst (Federal Intelligence Service). Once users see the emblems, they do not question the absurdity of the message which is a very big mistake. Screen blocking is certainly not the way legal institutions deal with criminals. Do not pay attention to the fake pop-up and terminate Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus.

In this notification, you will be informed that because of your illegal actions, you must pay a 100 Euro fine within 48. The money is suppose to be paid via PaySafeCard payment system. The message looks like this:

 WARNUNG! Zugang von Ihrem persönlichen Computer wurde vorläufig aus den unten aufelisteten Gründen gesperrt.
Die Strafe soll von Ihnen innerhalb von 48 Stunden nach der Verletzung bezahlt werden. Sobald die 48 Stunden vergangen sind, weden innerhalb weiteren 48 Stunden alle Informationen über Sie automatisch gesammelt, und Sie werden strafrechtlich verfolgt.
Die Größe der feinen beträgt €100 Euro.
Sie können mit Hilfe PaySafeCard zahlen.

Instead of paying the money, remove Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus and put an end to this scam. Bear in mind that by agreeing to pay you will not only give away your savings to cyber criminals, but will also reveal your banking information which will certainly lead to further monetary losses in the future. Also, there is no guarantee that even after you transfer the required amount, you will regain access to your PC. Most likely, cyber rooks will simply take your savings and will leave you with blocked system. It is obvious that the only acceptable course of action is Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus removal.

How to remove Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus?

Unless your are an experienced user, we strongly advise against manual Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus removal. The much better choice would be to employ a trustworthy anti-malware and use it to uninstall Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus. A powerful malware removal tool will eliminate Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus and will also delete the Urausy Trojan as well as any other malware that currently resides in your PC. Do not delay any longer and erase Bundesnachrichtendienst Virus from your computer immediately.


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