Remove Trojan.Spy.Banker

What is Trojan.Spy.Banker?

Trojan.Spy.Banker is an extremely dangerous Trojan horse that infects your computer without your knowledge. It has been active since 2009 and it is most noted in Ukraine, but that does not mean that users from other countries can’t get infected with it. It is able to affect the computers that use Windows operating system. Although Microsoft is trying to keep its security tools up-to-date, the malicious Trojan is also being constantly updated, so you can never be completely safe. Obviously, Trojan horses like this are created by serious cyber criminals that are willing to do harm both to the user and his/her computer. The name Trojan.Spy.Banker is used to describe a group of Trojans  of Win32/Bancos family. They are designed to steal users’ banking data. This can even have a detrimental effect on your personal life. That is why you have to remove Trojan.Spy.Banker from your PC without further hesitation.

Why is Trojan.Spy.Banker dangerous?

As it was mentioned before, this Trojan horse is created solely for stealing your banking information and bringing it to the hands of hackers. If you have this infection and use online banking services, you are at risk of losing your IDs and passwords. This malicious infection is already responsible for the loss of millions of dollars. What is more, the Trojan is able not only of stealing, but also downloading additional malware onto your personal computer. You may start noticing the slower speed of your PC, random freezes and crashes, or other undesirable symptoms. In addition, the virus may disable your security tool and corrupt various files. The unbearable performance of your computer and possible personal and financial information loss are the reasons of Trojan.Spy.Banker removal.

How did I get infected with Trojan.Spy.Banker?

Trojan horses usually infiltrate your PC system unnoticed. The most usual way for Trojan.Spy.Banker to be spread is spam e-mails. Under any circumstances, do not open such letters – in many cases, Trojans are hiding in attached files or embedded links. The attachments may not look dangerous at first: they may have some sort of icon that is widely recognizable, for example, the one of Internet Explorer. Another way of attacking your PC is through system security flaws. Delete Trojan.Spy.Banker at this instant and be careful from now on – suspicious websites and spam e-mails are the things that you have to avoid.

How to remove Trojan.Spy.Banker from my PC?

It is really tricky to uninstall Trojan.Spy.Banker manually: the Trojan horse has released many related files into your PC system, which are a great pain to remove by hand. Investing in a legitimate anti-spyware and anti-malware application will save you much time. It will detect and delete all the malicious files and programs. It will also take care of your safety in future.manual-removal

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