stij.exe Removal

What is stij.exe?

stij.exe is a setup file that belongs to an advertising supported application. If you see this file in your system, it means that you also have or at some point had a related adware too. We recommend to remove stij.exe, because this file may help the undesirable software regenerate itself even after you erased it. Furthermore, it may help the third parties collect your data as well. While this file is usually associated with MyStart, SmailBox, IncrediMail, SweetIM, etc., it is digitally signed by Perion Network Ltd. After checking your PC for previously mentioned intruders, make sure to delete stij.exe.

What does stij.exe do?

Since this file is associated with the IncrediBar family, you should get rid of stij.exe as well as the related application immediately. The software most likely infiltrated your computer alongside some freeware that you have acquired from suspicious website. This infiltration method is very popular and is used by various potentiality undesirable programs. Once the adware sneaks in, it will start showing you multiple advertisements which will appear in all the windows that you access. Also, this intruder will follow your online habits and that, as we already mentioned, may not cease with the adware’s removal. The only way to ensure that the tracking of your data is stopped is to eliminate stij.exe.

You should also know that this adware will start running a process in your Windows Task Manager. Certain changes are made to your Windows Registry that allow stij.exe to be launched every time you turn on your PC. You can find this file under %WINDIR%\system32\jmdp. We strongly recommend not to risk your computer’s safety and to terminate stij.exe completely. If you let the file remain, the adware might regenerate itself (if it was deleted) and start presenting you with numerous advertisements which can be quite dangerous. Bear in mind that the intruder does not to check the promoted parties which leads researchers to the conclusion that some of them may be malicious. Needless to say, an encounter with cyber crooks would probably result in malware infection.

How to remove stij.exe?

We advise to eliminate stij.exe as soon as you can. Even though the file itself is not hazardous, the programs associated with it can cause you serious problems. To make sure that stij.exe removal is successful, we suggest to uninstall stij.exe using an up-to-date computer security software. An authentic anti-spyware will erase stij.exe and will also deal with the associated software. Furthermore, the same security program will keep your computer safe after stij.exe removal too. Do not delay any longer and clean your PC.manual-removal

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