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Remove YourLocalLotto Toolbar

YourLocalLotto Toolbar

What is YourLocalLotto Toolbar?

YourLocalLotto Toolbar is just another annoying toolbar from Mindspak toolbar family. It is likely that you have opened your browser like always and found this toolbar just hanging at the top of the window. Also, YourLocalLotto may perform another unwanted action: you favorite search engine and homepage may be replaced by All of this usually happens without the user’s consent. The toolbar’s official page claims that it is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but there are cases when Google Chrome also gets infected with such toolbars. So, how is this toolbar different from others? Well, as you can see from the title, it is created to lure people who love participating in lottery. In its website, YourLocalLotto claims to give quick access to lottery results state-by-state. Also, the page suggests to inform all your friends on Facebook about your lottery wins. It seems quite useless – you can find out lottery results in many other ways, so it is better to remove YourLocalLotto Toolbar and not use it at all. Continue reading Remove YourLocalLotto Toolbar

PackageTracking Toolbar Removal


What is necessary to know about PackageTracking Toolbar?

PackageTracking Toolbar can be categorized as a browser hijacker that is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Hence, you should be careful and not download PackageTracking Toolbar. The hijacker will bring no benefits whatsoever. If the unwanted program has already managed to alter your computer’s system, you need to take care of PackageTracking Toolbar removal as soon as possible. By letting the hijacker stay in your virtual machine, you risk to find even more severe threats in the PC’s system. Continue reading PackageTracking Toolbar Removal

Motitags Toolbar Removal

Motitags Toolbar Removal

What is Motitags toolbar?

Motitags toolbar is a browser extension that can be really tempting to have. Many people, especially children and teenagers, love using emoticons in their conversations and blogs. Motitags toolbar offers exactly that – it allows the usage of various emoticons on Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook Live, AOL mail, Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger. In its own words, it gives you “Emoticon Symbol Overload” and offers an opportunity to download even more symbols. So why would you think that a toolbar that offers smiles can be harmful? Well, not everything that looks cute is safe. Motitags toolbar is created by Mindspark Inc, which is famous for creating potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). The toolbar is no different – it is classified as a PUP and adware. Despite the fact that it can be downloaded from its official website to your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer, it is still considered to be able to cause harm. Here we will name the reasons why you should remove Motitags toolbar from your browser. Continue reading Motitags Toolbar Removal

DownSpeedTest Toolbar Removal

DownSpeedTest Toolbar

What is DownSpeedTest Toolbar?

DownSpeedTest Toolbar ( is a browser hijacker that changes your default search, homepage, and new tab windows to questionable websites. This may infect your computer’s system with malicious software. In order to protect your computer, we suggest that you delete DownSpeedTest Toolbar and any other doubtful programs from your PCs system. DownSpeedTest Toolbar is a free Internet speed testing toolbar that advertises itself as fast, easy to use and reliable.  However, many users choose to erase DownSpeedTest because after the installation they find their homepages and default search engines changed without their consent. Continue reading DownSpeedTest Toolbar Removal

Remove MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar

MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar

Why you need to remove MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar?

MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar is an extension which can be installed onto Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome browsers. The official website representing the program is MyStart by; however, other sources may be offered as well. If you have installed MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar bundled with third-party software, it is possible that other programs have been activated as well. If this is the case, you must inspect the installed software to make sure that it does not require removal. Speaking of removal – should you delete MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar? You will learn this if you read our report. Continue reading Remove MyStart by IncrediBar Toolbar

Remove InternetSpeedUtility Toolbar

InternetSpeedUtility Toolbar

What is InternetSpeedUtility Toolbar?

InternetSpeedUtility Toolbar is a browser plugin developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. It is similar to other programs of the company such as EasyMailLogin Toolbar, VerifiedVPN Toolbar, ConvertDocsNow Toolbar, DownloadManagerNow Toolbar and many more. The application may be downloaded from its official site or it could come bundled with other freeware. It is powered by, so it is possible that your browser settings were modified after you acquired the toolbar. Although it may have some useful features, the toolbar is often classified as a potentially unwanted or even ad-supported program. We suggest you delete InternetSpeedUtility Toolbar from your PC. Continue reading Remove InternetSpeedUtility Toolbar